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Most Drupal site owners are aware that if their sites are on Drupal 7 they need to begin to plan ahead for a major upgrade in the next year or so. Many people are waiting until Drupal 7 is ‘End of Life’. End of life for Drupal 7 is currently scheduled for November 2023.


23 March 2022:

Matt Robison of Lullabot has written a very well-balanced analysis of the choices facing owners of Drupal 7 sites, after Drupal 7 reaches end of life (currently scheduled for November 1 2023). 

He covers the advantages, and possible steep learning curve, of moving to Drupal 8/9. For many that is the best option.

He also conveys that moving across to Backdrop CMS may be the appropriate choice for many other site owners.

He also mentions the possibilities of moving out of the Drupal-Sphere completely. 


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Building, maintaining and extending Drupal and Backdrop CMS websites.

Our expertise is gained through experience. We have worked for many clients, on many Drupal (since 2004) and Backdrop (since 2017) installations, from the very simple to the very complex.

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