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Interactive Eagles Responsive Website Development

Our expertise

Our expertise is gained through experience. We have worked on many Drupal installations, from the very simple to the very complex.

You benefit from our experience

Interactive Eagles: Drupal Experience

Interactive Eagles specialises in interpreting client vision in Drupal Software

We engage with you to understand your vision. Then we make it tangible via technology.

The technology we use is Drupal. Drupal is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). The architecture of Drupal allows for the creation of pretty much anything that lives on the Internet.

Our Drupal professional services are available to help you materialise your vision.


Our experience embraces:
  • Custom-built responsive drupal websites,
  • Complex back-end business-process automation, and
  • Translating of vision into technology.


1. Custom-built responsive drupal websites

We deliver modern, mobile-friendly websites for individuals, for small business, for medium and large business, for non-profits and for community organisations.

Our sites are custom built, not pre-packaged. That means we interact with you to determine your needs and budget and we keep up the communication as we proceed.

Contact us for a first discussion and together we will work towards a pricing structure that is fair.

2. Complex back-end business-process automation

Before starting the company, the founders of Interactive Eagles worked together on some rather complex Drupal business applications.

We use the word ‘application’ here to mean a set of processes, forms, screens and database storage that allows a previously manual way of doing things in an organisation to be automated. In the systems we built Drupal provided the framework for the application.

Three of those complex applications were:

  • An insurance industry staff standards compliance auditing system
  • A water industry ideas evaluation system in tandem with a funded-project management system
  • A poultry industry flock performance tracking system

Each of those applications was specified to be an inward-facing organisation-access-only environment.

We love it that we have learned Drupal business process automation by working with entities as diverse as compliance, ideas, and chickens.

3. Your vision, translated into technology

In both front-end and back-end work we understand that an essential part of the process is communication. The client has a vision. The vision is meant to satisfy a need.

The client’s vision may be clear or it may be fuzzy. Our job is to entice the vision out of the client mind, into an understanding we can all agree to work with, towards implementation in technology.

In this work we like to think of ourselves as Vision Engineers.


Your vision. Our engineering.

Your vision. Our understanding of communication and technology.

We engage with you to understand your vision. Then we make it tangible via technology.


Almost Spring and we are busy

Drupal 7 eCommerce Ubercart Mailchimp Integration

We are immersed in Integrating a Drupal ecommerce site with the Mailchimp Newsletter management system.

Some of this work is identifying, installing and configuring existing Drupal modules. Some of the work is extending the code to cater for specific purpose. And a large proportion of the work is testing, verifying and tuning the customer workflow.

The result will be that the Ubercart customer database will be available in Mailchimp, for sending out campaign newsletters, and Mailchimp will handle stuff like allowing people to unsubscribe.

Optionally, the Drupal content can be made available into a Mailchimp campaign.

Contact us for a quote for similar work on your Drupal 7 Ubercart site. Or an estimate on other versions of Drupal and/or other Drupal ecommerce suites.

Interactive Eagles Responsive Website Development


Examples of recent design-and-build work

Rainbow House

A photo-centric responsive design for this Holiday accomodation site.

Coach Moses

A custom-built site presenting the services of a Life Coach.

Interactive Eagles Responsive Website Development


How can we help you?

  • Consultation on your vision
  • Drupal site audit
  • Drupal pathway identification
  • Drupal development
  • Drupal conversion to responsive
  • Enhancements
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrading
  • Security patching
  • Support

Current Featured Service

In 2015 Mobilegeddon hit with its new indexing method prioritising responsive sites in mobile search results.

We have recently been converting Drupal sites into responsive design.

Two examples of our recent conversion work

Contact us to move your Drupal site into the Smart Phone era.

Interactive Eagles Responsive Website Development

Who we are

The company is new, being formed in late 2015. But our experience in IT and with Drupal goes back a long way.
We have been working together on Drupal installations for over 8 years.
We have a way of working together that has been honed over those years. We are a long established team. We pride ourself on good communications.
We are truly the Interactive Eagles.

The company members


Irene Jehnich
31+ IT experience
8+ Drupal experience

"I've held Project Leader, Programming, Business Analysis and Data Modelling positions in Government Departments and corporations.
My specialties began in an IBM mainframe environment and moved through Oracle, Cool:Gen and .NET before I began to focus on Drupal in 2007.

I am based in Denmark, West Australia.
I have a B.Sc in Information Technology."


24+ IT experience
11+ Drupal experience

"I bring my experience as a Unix System Administrator, GIS Programmer and Website Developer to my work as a Drupal Engineer, Consultant and Developer.
I held positions in universities (UWA and Macquarie) and private industry (Geodan Amsterdam) before I began freelancing in Drupal in 2004.

I am based in Melbourne.
I have a B.Sc in Computer Science."

Interactive Eagles Responsive Website Development


Tim Newth AM

Tim Newth AM

Artistic Co Director at Tracks Dance Company

"Good collaboration comes from good communication"

Over the past few months our company, Tracks Inc, has been working with John Saward and Irene Jehnich to carry out the work on a responsive re-design and making enhancements to our website, I have enjoyed this relationship both professionally, personally and creatively.

Creatively I have enjoyed the process that has allowed a flow of ideas, matching artistic visions with technical knowhow. We have all learnt from each other in what developed into a highly collaboratively process.

Good collaboration comes from good communication. John is based in Victoria, Irene in Western Australia, and our company Tracks in Darwin, Northern Territory; so in this case our communication needed to be highly interactive. Our Skype meetings, built upon a shared written document (to which we all made input), were something I looked forward to each week. Our communication developed from good foundations: being clear on what we wanted, what each was getting, how much this would cost and how long it would take.

As would be expected in this process when you are trying to make something function well as well as look good on a desktop and mobile platforms, not everything turned out as we first anticipated. The team was very capable of jointly trouble-shooting to come up with great solutions. There was a respect for the expertise and knowledge that each of us brought to the table.

I would highly recommend working with the team of John Saward and Irene Jehnich to anyone looking for a good working creative process, in which as a client I gain stronger knowledge of our website’s structuring and functionality, and the result being a high quality outcome.


Interactive Eagles Responsive Website Development

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Denmark, WA

Irene: 0408 547 363

Melbourne, VIC

John: 0418 610 706

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