Interactive Eagles: Drupal Experience

Interactive Eagles specialises in interpreting client vision in Drupal Software

We engage with you to understand your vision. Then we make it tangible via technology.

The technology we use is Drupal. Drupal is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). The architecture of Drupal allows for the creation of pretty much anything that lives on the Internet.

Our Drupal professional services are available to help you materialise your vision.


Our experience embraces:
  • Custom-built responsive drupal websites,
  • Complex back-end business-process automation, and
  • Translating of vision into technology.


1. Custom-built responsive drupal websites

We deliver modern, mobile-friendly websites for individuals, for small business, for medium and large business, for non-profits and for community organisations.

Our sites are custom built, not pre-packaged. That means we interact with you to determine your needs and budget and we keep up the communication as we proceed.

Contact us for a first discussion and together we will work towards a pricing structure that is fair.

2. Complex back-end business-process automation

Before starting the company, the founders of Interactive Eagles worked together on some rather complex Drupal business applications.

We use the word ‘application’ here to mean a set of processes, forms, screens and database storage that allows a previously manual way of doing things in an organisation to be automated. In the systems we built Drupal provided the framework for the application.

Three of those complex applications were:

  • An insurance industry staff standards compliance auditing system
  • A water industry ideas evaluation system in tandem with a funded-project management system
  • A poultry industry flock performance tracking system

Each of those applications was specified to be an inward-facing organisation-access-only environment.

We love it that we have learned Drupal business process automation by working with entities as diverse as compliance, ideas, and chickens.

3. Your vision, translated into technology

In both front-end and back-end work we understand that an essential part of the process is communication. The client has a vision. The vision is meant to satisfy a need.

The client’s vision may be clear or it may be fuzzy. Our job is to entice the vision out of the client mind, into an understanding we can all agree to work with, towards implementation in technology.

In this work we like to think of ourselves as Vision Engineers.


Your vision. Our engineering.

Your vision. Our understanding of communication and technology.

We engage with you to understand your vision. Then we make it tangible via technology.